Facilitation & Specialty

Debriefing Tools
for PE

Debriefing is a critical component of an effective Adventure program. Participants will experience a variety of debriefing methods, tools, and explore ways to use the reflective process effectively and efficiently in the Physical Education or similar school settings in order to promote Social and Emotional Learning outcomes for students.

Adventure Facilitation Skills

This workshop is designed for practitioners and facilitators who have experience leading and facilitating in an adventure setting, and are looking to build upon and improve their skills.


Adventure Institute
for Camp Staff

Specifically for summer camp Adventure staff: Choose between three different options (or all three!) that encompass basic ground facilitation skills, belay skills and high element management, to advanced skills and supervisory techniques.


Adventure with Youth
at Risk

This workshop is designed for those who work with youth at risk in schools, treatment centers, detention centers and other specialized programs. Participants will learn techniques used in our Behavior Management through Adventure work with youth who often present a significant challenge to traditional group management. The model focuses on an empowered group process.


Improving Social Skills
Through Adventure

This workshop is excellent for individuals who work with school-aged children in any setting or grade who are looking to develop the social and emotional competencies of their students. This workshop includes concepts from PA’s Building Respectful Learning Communities whole school model.

Adventure in the

Highly engaged adventure programming does not require an open field, hiking trail or a gymnasium. There are also many applications for the classroom where building community, accelerating learning outcomes, and teaching social and emotional competencies are all critically important. This workshop will help one bring adventure to any classroom setting while also supporting positive school climate.