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Training Pathways

Adventure education can take on many different forms and is often overwhelming when you first begin your journey. If you’re just starting out, or you’re an adventure pro, we’ve designed training paths for you to explore to enhance where you’re at in your professional career.

Not every piece of every path will work for everyone, so call us to find the right path for you.

Click on each path below to expand a list of workshops in an order that we think would be a good fit for each adventure participant.

If you would like a custom training solution designed around you and your site’s needs, check out our Custom Workshop offerings!

Challenge Course Technical Operations Path

As an Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) Professional Vendor Member (PVM), Project Adventure’s services meet or exceed ACCT’s standards for Professional Certification Level (PCL) requirements. Our Open Enrollment Workshops are intended to prepare a practitioner who has additional challenge course experience to sit for the written and practical exam. Each ‘Phase’ is broken down into the trainings and experiences required to take the Certification Exam.

Phase One

Start: No previous Challenge Course experience

Adventure Programming (4 days or 40 hours)
Technical Skills Intensive  (3 days or 30 hours)

Phase One Training Total: 7 days or 70 hours lifetime

+25 days of course experience

Certification Exam Level 1

*Practitioners with only low elements should visit the Facilitation Path, or contact us at 978.524.4554 for more information on your next steps forward.

Phase Two
Advanced Skills & Standards (4 days or 40 hours)

Phase Two Training Total: 11 days or 110 hours lifetime

+75 days of additional course experience (100 days lifetime)

Certification Exam Level 2

Phase Three
Adventure Program Management (3 days or 30 hours)

Phase Three Training Total: 14 days or 140 hours lifetime

+100 days additional course experience (200 days lifetime)

Challenge Course Manager Exam

*Not everyone must achieve a certification. Contact us at 978.524.4554 for more details on what the best options are for you.

For more information, see the Association for Challenge Course Technology website.

ACCT Professional Certification Level (PCL) Path

Since we are an ACCT Professional Vendor Member, we offer the opportunity for certification to those practitioners who meet a certain set of criteria for each level. Practitioners will be required to submit a detailed portfolio that outlines the variety of experiences acquired over the years. Visit the ACCT site for a link to an example portfolio. After submitting a portfolio and proof of the required training, practitioners will sit for a practical and written exam. The certification is meant to be a standard amongst courses, so with it, a practitioner can easily transfer their knowledge from one course to the next.

Certification Exam Level 1
Certification Exam Level 2
Challenge Course Manager Exam

Skills Verification may be a better option for your site depending on your compliance measures. Contact us at 978.524.4554 for more information.

Physical Education Path

This pathway is specific to educators in the physical education field who want to bring more adventure into their curriculum, want to expand on the activities they already do, and/or evolve their way of linking a healthy lifestyle to their students’ in-school experience. Each of these workshops provides participants with sequenced curriculum that includes detailed lesson plans that are aligned to the NASPE Standards for Physical Education. Also, if your school has a ropes course, visit the Challenge Course Technical Operations Path.

Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education
Achieving Fitness: An Adventure Approach
Creating Healthy Habits
Debriefing Tools for PE

School and Social Emotional Learning Path

Building a strong and healthy community is a complex task which can be made easier using the tools acquired in this training path. Positive school culture enhances the ownership that faculty, staff, and students have in their academic institution. The social emotional competencies introduced and practiced in the workshops below will help transform your students into leaders in their communities.

Improving Social Skills through Adventure
Adventure in the Classroom

Therapeutic Path

Adventure does not have to operate solely on a challenge course or in a classroom as many counselors or those who work with youth at risk might already know. By following the therapeutic path, participants will learn how to create healthy environments in any setting that encourage group participation and growth while learning about themselves through adventure based activities.

Adventure Based Counseling
Adventure with Youth at Risk
Advanced Processing Skills

Camp Staff Path

Whether your facility has a challenge course with low, high, or both types of elements, or a high number of new or returning staff, our training paths will prepare all participants to lead engaging summer programs. This is an opportunity to refresh the games, initiatives, and elements you know and love, or it could be a method to develop yourself professionally as you move toward possible certification.
*Depending on the size and scope of your course, staff in a management role might require additional training. Call us at 978.524.4554 for more information!

Low Ropes Only:

First Year Staff
Adventure Institute for Camp Staff (AICS)

AICS: Facilitation Skills and Low Elements

Returning Staff
Adventures in Low Elements
Portable Adventure

Low and High Ropes:

First Year Staff
Adventure Institute for Camp Staff (AICS)

AICS: Facilitation Skills and Low Elements
AICS: High Element Facilitation

Returning Staff

Adventures in Low Elements
Technical Skills Intensive

*If you would like a Project Adventure trainer to come to your site to deliver training to your staff, please contact us at 978.524.4554. This is especially advantageous if you have more than six staff who need training.

Facilitation Path

Adventure doesn’t always happen on the ropes course. As a facilitator, there is always room in your toolbox for more tools, especially those that allow for in-depth processing. We know that dynamics shift in groups at a moment’s notice, so we want you to be prepared with new and innovative options to engage your group in meaningful ways that will ultimately meet your intended goals.

Portable Adventure
Adventures in Low Elements (for those with only low elements on their course)
Debriefing Tools for PE
Adventure Facilitation Skills
Advanced Processing Skills

Graduate Degree, PDPs and CEUs Path

Any workshop Project Adventure offers can be taken for graduate credit at either Plymouth State University or Salem State University. For more information, click here.

In addition, any workshop Project Adventure offers can be taken for Professional Development Points (PDPs) or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For more information, contact us at or 978.524.4638.

If you can’t find a path that works for you, we can customize any of our workshops to your site and your needs. Please contact us at or 978.524.4638 for more information.