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Adventures in Low Elements

This is our intermediate workshop for individuals looking to explore the many different low elements. During this workshop, discover the variety of ways to use even a single low element. Whether a big course or a small one, this workshop can help you get the most out of the low elements that you have!

Technical Skills Intensive

This is our intermediate workshop for those who have an introductory technical knowledge, either from taking the Adventure Programming or the Adventure Based Counseling workshop, or the equivalent experience. During this workshop, expect to bring your introductory technical skills to the next level. Ideal for experienced facilitators and those looking to expand their knowledge of technical systems.

Advanced Skills & Standards

This is the premier technical workshop in the field created to update the advanced practitioner or build the skills of the intermediate technical participant. This is an opportunity to fine tune one’s critical skills and practice the rescue of actual people. An ideal opportunity to learn and practice the skills and knowledge needed before taking the Practitioner Certification Level 2.



Adventure Program Management

This is our advanced workshop designed to expand the knowledge of the individuals responsible for managing adventure programs and/or challenge courses. This is an opportunity to gain critical skills to efficiently manage the logistics, safety, and risk involved in operating an adventure program of any size or shape. Whether you are just beginning your management career, or are a seasoned veteran, this workshop will give you an in-depth look at risk management.