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Physical Education, Health & Wellness


Adventure Curriculum for Physical Education

We created this workshop with physical educators in mind. This workshop will help them teach to standards, supply lesson plans and a sequenced curriculum, and will focus on the issues facing Physical Educators today. Adventure is a great supplement to any PE program.



Looking to engage all students in effective and fun fitness? This workshop, geared toward PE, health and wellness educators, is guaranteed to provide new ideas that students will love, and supply content to help students learn how they can maintain an appropriate level of health-related fitness.


Creating Healthy Habits

Health teachers, Physical Education teachers, wellness coordinators, any professional who wants to experientialize health content will love this workshop. Activities cover the core areas of: Nutrition; Physical Fitness; Substance Abuse Prevention; Injury/Violence Prevention; Conflict Resolution; Mental and Emotional Health; Stress Management; Cultural Awareness.

Debriefing Tools for PE

Debriefing is a critical component of an effective Adventure program. Participants will experience a variety of debriefing methods, tools, and explore ways to use the reflective process effectively and efficiently in the Physical Education or similar school settings in order to promote Social and Emotional Learning outcomes for students.