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This is our comprehensive foundational workshop designed for any individual who is excited to learn the basics of adventure and experiential education. During this workshop, the techniques needed to begin programming using games, initiatives, low and high elements are introduced and explored. How you teach and what you teach will forever be changed after taking this dynamic workshop.

Adventure Based

This is our therapeutic foundational workshop for those new to adventure who not only want to learn the basics, but who want to explore group process and debriefing techniques more deeply. More time is spent immersing oneself in this process, and technical skills are covered, but with less time for mastery. A great option for those looking for more reflective depth in their adventure programming.


This is our transportable foundational workshop for individuals who are new to adventure programming and do not need the skills or introduction to low and high elements. This is our Adventure Programming workshop without the challenge course. An introductory option to build your knowledge of games, activities, and initiatives for those just starting to explore adventure and for those looking to expand their activity tool-box!